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on Sunday, April, 17 2022 @ 06:03:00 am (220 words)
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I went to make my little Easter cake and I didn't have any icing sugar; or powdered sugar. Icing sugar is just powdered sugar with corn starch added to prevent clumping. The funny thing is that I was in the market today and asked myself if I needed to get some icing sugar. I told myself no because I had a huge bag. However, I forgot that I had to toss that bag in the dustbin since it got contaminated. My first thought was that I would get up in the morning, get ready, and make a trip to the market. Which I don't really want to do since I have to be at sister #1's house at 12:00; eating at 13:00. What to do. Well, I decided to get the food processor out and see about making my own icing sugar from granulated sugar. The end result is good; I can still feel a few small grains of the granulated sugar. I may process a bit more tomorrow and call it good. It will do, no one really eats the cake anyway; it is more of an Easter tradition that I carried on from Mum. Would I make my own icing sugar in the future? No, it is much easier to just buy a bag of icing sugar at the market.

on Friday, April, 17 2020 @ 03:33:00 am (228 words)
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As I was looking in the freezer one day I came across some strawberries and decided I would make a few pots of strawberry spread.  It would be so delicious on waffles or even as a topping for ice cream; it would be great for making some sundaes.  The first step after thawing the strawberries to to purée them.  I use a Braun hand mixer and purée them directly in the pot but you can use a stand mixer or food processor.  Add sugar to the strawberries; for my batch I added two cups but it will depend on the quantity of berries you have and how sweet you want the spread to be.  Slow cook the mixture for a bit but to get the thickness you desire you will need to bring the mixture to a rolling boil.  You can monitor the temperature with a thermometer; either a digital thermometer or a candy thermometer.  I test for thickness by putting a bit on a saucer and placing it in the frig to cool.  For spread I recommend not letting the temperature reach above 93C/200F.  When the spread is ready, remove from the cooker and poor into sterilised jars, place a sterilised cap on the jar, and then tighten the band firmly.  Allow to cool before removing the bands although you can store with the bands in place.






on Thursday, July, 19 2018 @ 09:39:00 pm (115 words)
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I had a simple meal of green beans, black-eyed peas, and a chicken breast. Sometimes less is good and it is quick and easy to prepare. My green beans are producing very well and I even managed to get some black-eyed peas for my evening meal. The only thing not provided from the land was the chicken breast which came from a local shop. It was a slow go to getting the garden producing. I got flooded out just at the time I needed to get things planted. My okra is still too small to be producing but it is growing fast. Some squash is starting to come in as well as a few cucumbers.

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